February: introductions


You’re probably wondering what this is all about right? Well, welcome to Lagom Hue! This is our collaborative effort of a food/lifestyle blog. If you want to read up more about us then check out our about page.

Each month we will explore different themes around food and lifestyle to always keep our ideas fresh and interesting for you. This month, as this is a brand new blog, our theme is “introductions”. We’re going to be introducing ourselves and what we are about in various blog posts over the following month.

From our vegetarian roots to our favourite music – this month is just about our lives. Our real lives, not some fake life we just portray on social media. Ultimately, we are normal human beings with normal lives; we have our problems and stresses like anyone else. We are not perfect. This is what Lagom Hue is about essentially – trying to live a balanced life not a perfect one.

Also, to clarify our word is not the gospel. While some things might work for us they will not necessarily work for you. We need to embrace our differences; whilst I may not eat refined sugar that does not mean that would work for you! That was a decision I made and whilst it does not feel restrictive for me I understand that for others it does. On all recipes we will give alternatives in order to attempt to accommodate to everyone. However, feel free to modify what we say to work for you! Essentially, we aren’t nutritionists or doctors and all we advocate is delicious food and a happy life.

So enjoy the blog! And of course let us know what you think… Follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page in order to keep up to date with what we’re up to. Your feedback is important to us so feel free to drop us a line via them or email us at lagomhue@gmail.com

Emma + Gareth


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