What Lagom Hue means to us

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning something along the lines of “just right” meanwhile hue is a term which means colour/shade. Together, they embody the idea of something being in a near perfect balance – that moment where everything feels just right and happy. The key to this is moderation and balance throughout our lives in order to achieve this state the majority of the time. However, here’s what Lagom Hue means to us.


It’s difficult to pinpoint this really. I believe the key word is always balance and that’s what I try to aim for in life – for me that is what being ‘just right’ is all about.

However, there are moments in life where I am overwhelming happy and feel I’ve reached this ‘just right’ moment.

I like a good cup of chamomile tea with a scented candle burning in the background. Definitely wearing pyjamas. Maybe curled up with a good book or watching a film. That or having Bon Iver playing on the record player. Friday nights are normally my favourite – we eat pizza and relax after a long week.

Or maybe it’s those burst of endorphins after a long distance run. Or meeting up with friends and having a laugh. Or finally watching a film I’ve anticipated for months at the cinema and realising it is everything I expected it to be or better.

For me, that is Lagom Hue.


Lagom is a fantastic word. It encompasses a wide variety of situations, engulfs almost every scenario. You can make every day be just right if you try but I suppose that would take away the beauty of the perfect moments.

What does Lagom Hue mean to me? You know those songs you know all the words to? The ones you love to belt out when no one is around? That. Throw in a book, or a game, or cooking a meal and put it after a long, productive, active day. My perfect evening. At home, listening to my favourite music, relaxing.

But then you can feel just right in other places. 9th December 2012. Goodison Park. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s dire. Everton 0 – 1 Tottenham with only minutes left. Hopeless. Negative. Fed up.

Just a few seconds later, it was all ‘just right’. Jelavic had just scored Everton’s winner. Forget the cold, forget the dark, remember the exuberance, remember the elation. Just right.


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