7 Vegetarian Myths

i.e. the things we are all sick of hearing

  1. We must miss bacon

Literally everything any meat eater ever says when they meet a vegetarian. If you’ve always been a vegetarian it’s “you don’t know what you’re missing”, if you’re converting “I couldn’t give up bacon”. Just look at the alternatives we have.

Haven’t you heard of aubergine bacon?!
  1. Vegetarians have to be scrawny

This is an interesting one, I hadn’t heard this until one day at work when my colleagues seemed surprised I’m vegetarian, saying “you’re not scrawny enough”. Just because I don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean I don’t have access to food that bulks you up …

Look at how scrawny I am…
  1. Our energy levels must be low

There isn’t enough protein or iron in a vegetarian diet. Or so they say. It’s a load of nonsense: kale, spinach, beans, lentils, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds to name just a few. And I have a lot more energy than meat-eaters I know (just sayin’)

These hemp seeds can even become protein powder
  1. Rabbit food

Do I have to even address this? We don’t spend our lives eating plates of leafy vegetables.

F.Y.I. this cake is completely vegan
  1. How can you be a vegetarian? You don’t even like vegetables!

I hear this a lot. I don’t like vegetables, at least not a wide variety of them. But that doesn’t mean I starve (this harks back to the rabbit food), there’s plenty of food out there for me – as shown in points 2 and 4!

There are plenty of other food groups out there. Mmm carbs
  1. We have to eat in every night

Honestly, there are times when I don’t understand what meat eaters think. You get the impression some genuinely believe there aren’t enough vegetarian options for any of us to eat at places. Yes, you have to be vigilant, but open your eyes and look at the amazing food we can have.

Why would you want to eat out when you have food like this at home?
  1. Taking supplements every day

We don’t scour the vitamin section at Boots (other pharmacy stores available) looking for the latest supplement. In fact, Emma and I don’t take many supplements at all. Emma has B12, and vegans might need to consider this, but that’s it. We get the rest from careful dietary planning. Well, Emma does. I’m destined to die young from too many carbs.

And that’s all the supplements we need

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