Things that aren’t Lagom Hue: January

Let me take you back to the morning of the 26th January 2017. The world was rising, at least if you read BBC news, to three fairly terrifying headlines. 1) Mexico won’t pay for the wall. 2) Theresa May wants the UK and the US to govern the world. 3) Donald Trump wants to bring back waterboarding.

Whatever way you look at that, and whatever your political view, it’s certainly not lagom.

January had been pretty diabolical anyway. The world was far from balanced. As much as Trump was pissing off the left and basically anyone who disagreed with him, the left was hitting back with awful slogans and reckless comments. I mean, Madonna threating to blow up the White House? For Christ’s sake woman, take a chill pill.

In 2016 we were introduced to the awful alt-right, and saw the continued tiresome rise of militant feminism. And it was almost like 2017 looked at that, and wondered how they could top it within 30 days. The answer? Alternative facts. Basically, reading between the bullshit it means lying – the alternative in front of it gives it a more hipster feel.

While this was all going on across the pond, we had our Prime Minister sucking up and wanted a renewed special relationship – yeah, because that has worked out so well in the past? Balance. Or not.

But January was so unbalanced, even away from politics.

Because with January comes the inevitable hype machine “new year, new you”. I don’t doubt that it has good intentions but, come on, have you seen a more shallow, ridiculous, self-centred idea? It’s pulp fiction, it’s codswallop, and it’s a marketing scam.

Gyms sit there (ironic wording really) and play upon your basic fears of a little excess Christmas weight to coerce you into spending money you don’t have on a membership you don’t need and will seldom use. I have a message for anyone foolish enough to believe the bollocks: it’s a little bit of excess weight. Embrace it, enjoy it, and find another time to turn your life around. My experiences have told me that true change comes from a desire within, not some shitty slogan on the side of an abandoned building.

But then, I suppose balance can be found even throughout all the storms outside. If January is a good time for anything, it’s a good time for reflection rather than reaction. If you are bothered about excess holiday weight, then spend time thinking about how to lose it. If you have bought a gym membership, convince yourself to get the most out of it. And, if you are truly bothered by politics then read every argument, develop a stance and an opinion and act upon them.


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