February. The beginning of the end of the cold crisp months of winter. I’ve got to say part of me is a bit sad. I love jumpers and hot chocolate and snuggling under warm blankets whilst watching crappy films. Yet, another side of me is craving the longer days where I can actually wake up in the light and feel some warmth when I walk outside.

However, we still have a couple more weeks of proper jumper weather to enjoy. And where is the best place to go?

You can’t beat a crisp winter walk in the countryside. At the weekend jump in the car or on a train and go for a walk somewhere different. Or if you can’t do that then head to a park. Choose a particularly frosty morning preferably and wrap up warm.

Why? Because often the winter is when we feel most blue. The holidays are over, work is back in full flow and the cold, dark days start getting to us. The way to combat this is a bit of fresh air and actually the winter is perfect for this. Go back to the times when you used to pretend you were a dragon because it’s so cold that you can see your breath. Yes, embrace your inner kid. Start skipping if you goddam want to – no one will care.

And the best part of it? When you get home it’s warm inside. You can put the kettle on, have a cup of tea and wrap up in a warm blanket.

Isn’t that what winter is all about?


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