Water – why are we ignoring it?

I definitely fall into the camp of people who don’t drink enough water. Why? I think it’s a complex issue.

Firstly, water was never something I really loved. It’s tasteless and boring so why would I want to drink it? We have so many other options nowadays. Fizzy drinks, juices, squash, tea, coffee just to name a few. So, it’s definitely not desirable to drink water nowadays.

Water also doesn’t feel like a treat. We seem to inherently label food and drink as such. So if we do well in something or maybe if we have a bad day we have a takeaway or a cake or even a fizzy drink. When we’ve had an awful day when we just want to curl up into a ball why on earth would we reach for water? I know I wouldn’t.

So, why should we? Water may be bland and boring to some of us but we couldn’t be more wrong about it.

It should be seen as a treat because ultimately it is. We may see it as a necessity rather than something to look forward to but we need to flip our mindset. Water is beyond good for us. It’s something which makes our bodies tick. So when drinking your next glass of water try and see it as a treat for your body.

Why am I wittering on about this then? Especially in what is meant to be a blog about beauty? Well, I could tell you about the best moisturiser or the best shampoo but it would be a little bit pointless. Essentially, there’s no need for all these products unless you treat your body well. Health and therefore beauty starts with the inside. You need to eat well and move otherwise you aren’t going to have that glowing skin you want. Also, I may use a certain shampoo that’s great for my hair but at the end of the day your hair is completely different to mine. What works for me doesn’t work for you. Yet water is universal.

So why water? Keeping hydrated is important and we need to be drinking between 2,200ml and 3,000ml (varies from person to person) per day. The majority of us don’t. I’ve been attempting to drink more these past few weeks and I’ve found my skin is looking better, my hair is softer, I have more energy and I feel less bloated. So all in all, I feel fantastic all thanks to the simplicity of drinking more water. Easy huh?

Now, if like me water isn’t your favourite drink then there are ways to make it better. Either persevere and eventually you may end up actually loving water or you can give your water some taste. Simply pour some water into a big jug, add some fruit and leave it in the fridge. Cucumbers and lemons are particularly nice but why don’t you experiment? Strawberries, oranges, kiwis… The list is endless. The water will take on the flavour of the fruit and it’ll be fresh because of being in the fridge. Perfect. It’s that or try some herbal teas – personally I love the ones at Pukka.

So, what are you waiting for?


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