Mindfulness always sounds so pretentious. When people say they are being ‘mindful’ they tend to come across as self righteous twits. So, I used to be fairly reluctant about the term ‘mindfulness’ and I still kind of am.

However, mindfulness is something that we should sit and think about. It may sound pretentious but health wise it is incredibly beneficial. If we become more mindful then we can start striking a balance in our lives. For example, if we start eating mindfully then we can see if we’re eating too much or eating the right things or maybe even chewing our food properly. The greatest benefit is that we will start to appreciate the food we’re eating – savouring every mouthful.

So, if it’s good for us, how do we get round this block about it being pretentious? Easy. Don’t think of it as mindfulness; see it as simply being aware. Ultimately, if we start doing things which we don’t put any thought into whatsoever then we aren’t reaping any benefits.

Also, the other possible issue is stress. We can get so caught up in the stress of our day to day lives that we ignore what we should really be focusing on. Have you ever been driving and realised you don’t remember how you drove to this point? You’ve been so caught up in your head that you’ve gone into auto drive. It’s about stopping that. Observe the world and what you’re doing and you end up being caught up in the present rather than in your stress.

So, I’ll try and talk through different ideas about being aware in the future but it’s honestly what works for you. It doesn’t have to be about sitting in the lotus position for 20 minutes everyday and trying to force yourself to meditate. It’s about taking a step back to really look at what you’re doing. Give it a go. You never know, you might realise that it’s not as pretentious as you think.


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