Music of the month – March

As the months go by, you’ll start to get a taste of what I listen to. And this feels like the perfect chance to introduce you to one of my favourite bands. Ok, that sentence doesn’t do them any justice WHATSOEVER. I absolutely adore them. Like, I can’t explain my love for these guys. I’d describe them as almost perfect. They have bad songs, sure, every band does (arguably Muse don’t but I’ll allow that to rest for the moment) but their good songs are better than most people can even dream of writing.

And so they are my music of the month for March. They have a new album coming out soon, next month to be exact, so now’s the time to check them out if you haven’t yet. Predictably, the lead single from the new record is an absolute banger of a tune. They are releasing another today which I’m super excited for.

You have five albums to catch up on. They’ve been recording music for over ten years now, without much worldwide fame. No top 100 songs in the US, only one in our country. But that doesn’t matter; in fact it almost makes them better. And their 2015 song “First” reached top of the US Alternative charts and has been classed as gold. They have fans.

It’s easy to understand why. They are the definition of catchy, combining an indie rock radio friendly nature (even if they don’t get noticed on the airwaves) with their blues roots. And my god, the lead singer’s voice. Trust me, you will hear few men who can sing as well as Nathan can. The music is good, but it’s Nathan who draws you to them. He completes the band.

Deliberately, I’ve not mentioned who they are throughout this. Partly to keep you in suspense, partly because people get fed up of how much I bang on about them. But here we go, Cold War Kids. An LA band, who very rarely tour the UK but if they do – you have to see them. The two times I’ve been lucky enough were very special. I introduced Emma to them but they haven’t visited our shores since. I’m hoping the release of the next album will change that, however I’m not expectant.

Energy. It’s a word I will probably use a lot because I love bands with energy. And CWK have it in spades. When playing live, when recording songs, when making videos. Their songs are jam packed full of positive vibes that it’s impossible not to get caught up in the dance. But that’s not to say they can’t slow it down, Tuxedos is one of the few songs I’ve ever heard where perfection is reached.

So Cold War Kids are my music of the month, and you have five albums to listen to before their next one gets released next month. Where to start? If you like your music to have a bit of blues about it, check out their debut album Robbers & Cowards. If you prefer a bit of pop, look at Dear Miss Lonelyhearts. Or, if you trust that I know what I’m talking about, sample a song from each album.

I’d recommend Hang Me Up To Dry, Something Is Not Right With Me, Bulldozer, Tuxedos and Drive Desperate.


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