7 Fad Diets

We’ve all heard of them, most of us have tried them at one point or another. They work for some people, don’t work for others. Diets are everywhere you look these days, but which are the most famous?

  1. The Atkins Diet

Ah, the good old Atkins chestnut. The low-carb way to lose weight. Tough to do if you’re a vegetarian, impossible for me as I just love pasta and bread too much. The original fad diet.

You won’t see any of this on the Atkins diet…
  1. Clean Eating

There will be a lot on clean eating this month. Clean eating involves removing artificial chemicals and processed foods from our diets. Think organic, no sugar, and heaps upon heaps of kale. A less extreme version is the caveman diet: paleo.

Told you there’d be lots of kale.
  1. 5:2

Eat what you like for five days, fast for the remaining two. Simple as that really. There are obvious dangers to it, but benefits include not feeling restricted by calorie counting all the time, and not feeling bad about eating processed foods.

Think extreme calendar planning.
  1. Company Diets

WeightWatchers, Slimming World, other not-so-famous examples. Calorie counting, free foods and the like. They all revolve around the same idea of being part of a club and losing weight together. Probably the most followed diet on this list, definitely level with Atkins for the most famous.

Slimming World will let you eat an unlimited amount of apples – bonus!
  1. Cleansing

Cleansing covers a whole manner of sins! Designed to detox your body of any nasty substances that have built up over time from eating badly by depriving yourself of food. A quick fix to lose weight, usually done before a holiday or in January.

You’ll be drinking some green along the way for sure.
  1. Raw

Simple really, not cooking the food. Eating it raw. Benefits? When you cook food, it can break down important nutrients that are good for our bodies. Theory states that by eating only raw foods, we don’t lose those nutrients.

You can’t beat a raw brownie.
  1. Veganism

There are many reasons to change to a vegan diet, and one of them is the apparent draw of losing weight. It can be quite dangerous, however, as a vegan diet can still be packed full of calories and processed food.

Vegan brownies anyone? Thought so.

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