Facebook, Fights and Fall Outs

Why has it become the norm for us to post everything on social media? I’m fed up with it. When did it get to this?

I don’t care about every little detail of your life. Let’s be honest, I barely care about the big things but I give you that obligatory like that comes about when someone is engaged, got married, had a baby or some other life changing event. Why? Because I try to be a nice person at the end of the day.

However, some things cross the line. Honestly, I could not care less about your views on anything. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media is not the place for a debate. Why? Because no human being should be forcing their opinion onto anyone else.

Oh so you’re pro life? Don’t care. A devout *insert religion*? Don’t care. You’re anti Trump? Don’t care. You’re pro Trump? Don’t care. Left wing, right wing, pro life, pro choice, remain, brexit etc.? Don’t care.

Grow up people. You need to start understanding that your opinion is your own and publishing it all over the internet is not going to change anyone else’s mind. If you think otherwise then you’re dumb.

Also, get your head out of other people’s business.

Let’s take an example. You’re pro life. Well done, you’ve learnt to form your own opinions. Guess what? You’re entitled to that opinion and you can go and act upon that to your heart’s content. However, you don’t know other people’s stories and until you’re put in their shoes you cannot comment on them. They could’ve been raped, they could’ve died or their child could be so disabled that it wouldn’t have lived outside the womb. Do not share your opinion on how abortion is murder. You. Do. Not. Understand.

This goes for anything. Pro choicers going on about the mother should be able to abort a disabled foetus up to 40 weeks. How will the mother of a disabled child feel about this? Keep your nose out of it.

Seriously people, just shut up. Don’t have debates on social media about anything vaguely controversial. You’ll end up hurting people without even realising it half the time. And do you really want to be that person everyone unfollows because you’re so up your own arse to care about other people’s feelings? Yeah exactly.


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