Homemade: Vegan Cherry Bakewell Cocktail

First we had cookies and now we have cocktails. This month is wonderful right?

This month was all about fads and more specifically fad diets. As we are all about balance fads ultimately we are not in favour of fad dieting. Instead, I’ve decided to make the homemade section this month about recipes we all love and to show they can be part of our day to day diets.

So how is alcohol healthy? I can’t say I’ve seen many health food blogs say that. Alcohol is always seen as bad for us or a guilty pleasure. I think we should rid ourselves of that label. In excess anything is bad for us – even kale! We shouldn’t be binge drinking every night but a glass of something every now and then isn’t going to hurt. In fact, it’s probably good for the soul.

And that leads us to the Vegan Cherry Bakewell Cocktails. These beauties were inspired by finding some frozen cherries in Morrisons (yes I know – Morrisons!). They are sweet, refreshing and quite frankly hit the spot. Ultimately, they are liquified Bakewell tarts.

If you’re looking for a nut free version replace the almond milk with another plant based milk (oat milk works well) and use Disaronno as it is a nut free amaretto.


Serves Four

350g frozen cherries
100ml amaretto
150ml almond milk (or another plant based milk)
Juice of half a lemon
Pinch of salt

  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender (if your blender isn’t very powerful add the liquid a little bit at a time).
  2. Pour into four cocktail glasses.

If by some miracle you have any left then store in the fridge.

Bottoms up!


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