Things We Should Stop Giving A Bad Time

ii) Carbs


I love pasta.

That could be the sum total of this blog post. Honestly, it could. I couldn’t give carbohydrates up, even for a day. And mainly because of pasta. But all of them really, I have carbohydrates every single day, in every single meal. Am I a perfect weight? Realistically, as we’ve already discussed this month, probably not. Am I fat? I’d suggest not.

More importantly, do I care? Not one ounce.

There is nothing anybody can say about carbs that would stop me from eating them. Ok, I’ll admit that if they suddenly contained meat I wouldn’t be so keen, but that’s highly unlikely.

Why my love for carbs? For a start, they are very versatile. They go with anything. No, that doesn’t do them justice. They COMPLETE everything. Hmm, look at this veg I have to use up … I know, let’s make some pasta! Put them on a pizza, fried rice! You see? Carbs are life.

And bread.

God, bread. So good.

I’m like Homer Simpson salivating at the prospect of warm, fresh bread. France does it best, but don’t knock the British versions. And bread is the ultimate versatile carb. As I’m sure you are aware it can be shaped into many forms, moulded to fit your every need. But we can all agree, well we can’t but I think so and this is my blog piece, that it tastes best with garlic. Garlic and carbs are life.

Garlic naan is better than regular naan. Garlic bread is better than normal bread.

I’m going to be controversial. People ruin bread when they spread butter over it. You know why? Because butter isn’t a carb! (Yes Regina, butter isn’t a carb).

No, I just hate butter. Unless it’s garlic butter.

I suppose I’ve therefore proven that garlic is better than carbs.

But my love for garlic can wait another month (or a few months, this slot is already too food based). Basically, I love carbohydrates. And given my apparent love for garlic, I’m convinced I should have been born French.

Or Italian. Pizza and pasta are life.

Yes, yes, I’m aware that carbohydrates cause you to gain weight. But I’m also aware that they are one of the biggest sources of energy. I’m packed full of energy, I can go for hours [;-)] – it’s probably because of the amount of carbs I digest.

So yes, stop giving carbs a hard time. They feel bad; they want to be loved. But no one will love them as much as I do.

And on that note, I’m going to go make some pasta. And maybe a side of garlic bread.



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