7 Cat Colours

Cats are the greatest animals in the kingdom.

They are Doctor Who villains in real life…

They are also heroes …

And they are so, so, so colourful. It’s that colour to which I dedicate this list.

  1. Tortoiseshell

The most majestic of cat colours. Tortoiseshell cats have patches of orange and black plastered over their fur creating an effect that is tough to take your eyes off.

  1. Ginger

Interesting fact of the day: most tortoiseshell cats are female, the only male ones have a genetic disorder, while most ginger cats are male. But I grew up with two female cats, one ginger, and one tortoiseshell. And now I have a ginger tom, they are wonderful beasts.

  1. Tabby

Ok, ok, I’m cheating here. Tabby cats aren’t any one colour – the tabby just refers to the patterns on their body. But what I’m referring to is the traditional tabby colours, the grey / blue / lilac enhanced by the patterns.

  1. White

White cats have their colour genes suppressed, so a white cat can have a colourful litter. There you go, a second interesting fact of the day for you!

  1. Black

I love black cats, the colour is my second favourite behind tortoiseshell. Black cats are harshly done by due to their supposed relationship with witches but few cats are more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Blue

It’s a subtle kind of blue, and some people see it as grey, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

  1. Chocolate

There are different kinds of chocolate cats, some are closer to blue, and others are browner. One of Emma’s cats before our current one was chocolate.

So there you have it, cats are the greatest. Anyone who disagrees? One cat has a message for you …


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