The Value of Tradition

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire” Gustav Mahler

Tradition is the backbone of society. To understand and acknowledge it, while upholding it, is the only way in which humanity can develop. One admits that sounds irregular and is usually the opposite of what is being spoken in these times. However, one cannot stress enough the importance of tradition.

Grand coronations, street parties, an outpouring of elation whenever a royal baby is born, even conceived. As a country we eat hot cross buns at Easter and turkey at Christmas. Britain should have pubs on every street corner. Our great nation has the richest and most enjoyable culture in the world. One’s opinion is that this is being shunned into the dark corners of society, rather than front, left and centre.

It might surprise readers to learn that the author of this piece is not an old gentleman, but a member of the socialist generation. It has to be stressed that one is not against immigration, nor should you assume you are reading an article written by a Brexit voter. To hold the view that we should uphold tradition does not go hand in hand with racism.

It could be argued that tradition, and traditional views, are not as backwards as it is made out. Those traditional views help shape generations, teach them respect and offer security in the known rather than stabs at the unknown. These arguments should be held in the public domain, not shot down by the first wannabe socialist who comes across it. Once again, it cannot be stressed enough that you would walk past this author in the street and not bat an eyelid. Their Facebook feed is not full of their political views; their friends don’t know their true feelings.

Take sport as an example. Sport is a confusing mess of brutal physicality that lacks in order or even sense, and shuns tradition whenever possible. However, when Wimbledon comes around, it is the only thing on one’s TV. The embracing, reassuring nature of seeing sport return to its roots is hard to ignore. The pull of watching players competing in white shirts rather than modern coloured monstrosities creates an aura of logic amongst mess. The spectators are respectful rather than boisterous, some even queue to enter the grounds. Oh how British, oh how magnificent.

Tradition is important, yet it needn’t delay progress. Instead, its role is to shape it. Multiculturalism is beyond a pale of a doubt one of the most fantastic aspects to happen to this country within the last century, as long as it doesn’t detract from British values. Tradition is the backbone of society.


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