Music of the month – April

As you’ll see throughout this month, colours bring strong emotions in us. And it’s no surprise that, perhaps as a result, many songs are dedicated (or at least mention) to colours. In your second list this week, I discuss my favourites.

  1. ROYGBIV – Public Service Broadcasting

PSB take old public service films and put music to them. Featuring on their debut album, ROYGBIV takes a look at the introduction of colour to television screens.

“It happened with a suddenness that rocked the civilised world. The entire world will stream into our living rooms with the velocity of light.”


  1. What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

An absolute classic. It really doesn’t need an introduction, but listening to it can evoke such powerful memories that are so personal yet so generic.

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white. The bright blessed day, and the dark sacred night.”

  1. Clearest Blue – Chvrches

The first song on here to only feature the word of a colour in its title, but that doesn’t matter. This is probably the best song on this list. Incredible on record, awesome when played through a vinyl, sensational live.

“Just another time I’m caught inside every open eye. Holding on tightly to the sides, never quite learning why.”

  1. Rosé – The Feeling

A song they wrote when drunk, it blossomed into a love song about the wine. It’s not bad actually, the song that is – the wine is awful.

“You’re as good as the rest, and you’re much better dressed. I think pink is my colour, I won’t drink from no other”


  1. What The Milkman Saw – Reverend and the Makers

Too corny not to include. It’s about a promiscuous woman who is definitely cheating on her husband (or so say the rumours in suburbia).

“She’s had a black one, she’s had a white one, she’s had a brown one. And Johnny reckons that he saw her in the chemist buying oral contraception. It can’t be for her hubby cos’ he can’t get an erection.”


  1. Crystals – Of Monsters and Men

The lead single from the Icelandic band’s second album. And it’s a belter, even if the meaning is as cryptic as ever from OMAM.

“Cover your crystal eyes and let your colours bleed and blend with mine.”


  1. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

I was never a huge Winehouse fan but I do absolutely love Back to Black. It portrays the emotion of watching an ex-lover with their new partner so incredible, the whole world can relate to it immediately.

“We only said goodbye with words. I died a hundred times. You go back to her and I go back to”


  1. Evergreen – Ben Howard

When Emma and I first saw Ben Howard, he seemed quite emotional and was referring quite a bit to how the industry almost broke him. I always remember him saying “there are days where you lose faith in what you do”. I may be wrong but I think this song is written about those feelings.

“Looking around I see memories, what it was, oh, what it was. There in the crowds you said something but I can’t remember what.”


  1. Royal Blue – Cold War Kids

Last month’s choice (I hope you listened!) get another feature for a song which has absolutely nothing to do with colour but does reference Everton’s choice of strip.

“From now on fly as high as I want. From now on I’ll show my weak spot.”


  1. Gold On The Ceiling – The Black Keys

I couldn’t go through this without mentioning gold. It’s the colour that has spawned more songs on my iPod than any other. I had so many options for this, but plumped for The Black Keys one. It’s the best song, and one which most people in a room will join in with.

“Down in the waves, she screams again. Roar at the door, my mind can’t take much more.”


So there you have it, my ten favourite songs which are barely relatable to colours. Of course, if you want to have a colourful music day, you could always listen to Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5 or City and Colour.

Or you could just listen to whatever music comes on. I’ve heard a bloke called Ed Sheeran is popular at the moment.


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