Mindfulness: Perspective

At the end of the day we will only ever see through our own eyes and we will never truly know what it is like to be someone else. However, part of mindfulness is focusing on our perception.

What do I mean by this? Many things. Trying to see things from another’s perspective mainly. I don’t know how many times we judge others without really understand what’s going on. Sometimes we have to be aware, just a step back and realise that we need to see it from their point of view. Your friend has been ignoring your messages and you’re annoyed right? But what if they’re genuinely busy or are having a stressful time? You should be giving them some space rather than getting irritated with them.

We’ve also got to realise that we can all cope with different things. I know I’m a fairly calm and laid back person but I freak out whenever I see needles. You probably think I’m weird if you have no problem with needles! Yet, you may have a phobia of small spaces. And then I won’t understand where you’re coming from. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as these examples either. I get stressed when I’m five minutes late, yet I know some people who can rock up 20 mins late and not bat an eyelid.

Everyone is different and we should embrace that. The next time you start to judge someone else for doing something or being a certain way remember to be mindful about perspective. We are inherently going to see things differently. Take for example colour. Our eyes all work differently therefore we all see colours in contrasting ways. My version of pink is not the same as yours.

Be mindful. Try and see from another perspective.


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