May: Sport

Sport is a strange topic for Lagom Hue. But, if you cast your mind back to our second article (i.e. go read it again), you may notice I talked about how that “just right” feeling can be found even in the most chaotic of moments.

I mentioned Nikica Jelavic’s winner against Tottenham, and that is still the best example I have. The thing about sport, however, is that the feeling can go exactly the other way. If Jelavic hadn’t have scored, it actually wouldn’t have changed the feeling. We still snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat.

However, what about a cricket match?

The final quarter final of the 2015 T20 domestic competition was between Lancashire and Kent. Lancashire had dismissed Kent for a modest 142 runs and with a batting line up consisting of England star Jos Buttler, Australian international James Faulkner and former South African test player Ashwell Prince amongst others, the chase looked easy.

And Lancashire were cruising requiring six runs from six balls with Buttler and Steven Croft batting together. Croft got one run off the first ball before Buttler had a rush of blood to the head and skied a shot. Still, Faulkner came in and 5 from 4 was easy. Except, Lancashire continued to mess it up and were left requiring three runs from one ball.

If they didn’t get that, I would have felt awful. If they did it, I would have felt elated. Sport has moments like that. Moments existing upon a knife-edge, and because we love it so much they feel more important than they actually are. And this month we’ll delve into similar topics, including a look at how sport can affect mental health (both negatively and positively), as well as look at how animals can get involved with sport.

For the record, Lancashire won, and went on to win the whole tournament.


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