Why Sports Should Be Shorter

For me, there’s nothing worse than sitting through a 90 minute game of football or even a whole five days of cricket. Why put yourself through that? It honestly feels like a waste of time. Yet, part of me really enjoys sport. However, I like it in short bursts.

The Olympics are my go to. You can literally watch Usain run for 10 seconds and then it’s all over. It’s exciting. It’s gripping. It’s not long and drawn out. Even the longer sports become shorter for the Olympics. For example, rugby becomes rugby sevens. Seven minutes each half compared to the normal forty minutes. It’s faster paced making everything that little bit more interesting. The players almost have to work harder because they have less time to win.

Another example is cricket. A test match is 5 days long and there are so many test matches in a series. So, The Ashes contains 5 matches which means potentially 25 days of cricket. Jesus. Why? Meanwhile T20 takes approximately 3 hours. Even that is pushing it but why see the 25 day version when you can watch a more upbeat, exciting match in 3 hours?

I know people will argue at me that a longer sport means testing the athlete/team more. It’s endurance, stamina and pushing every muscle in their body. But isn’t a faster paced match doing that anyway? They have to run faster, jump higher and exert more energy in order to actually get a more crucial point. It’s high intensity versus low intensity. And at the end of the day, who cares if it’s not testing their stamina – I’d prefer to see something more exciting.

For me, the ultimate example is male tennis. Why in grand slams do men play 5 sets every match? It leads to the same results time after time. Meanwhile the women’s tennis they play 3 sets leading to more top players being knocked out. It becomes so much more unpredictable and exciting. It’s boring for the same top players to win again and again. Yes, they may be the best athletes endurance wise but being consistent isn’t as exciting as some of the more unpredictable players. I would like to see 3 set matches in both the women’s and the men’s until the semifinals where both should be 5 sets. Then it’s the best of both worlds.

If I’m going to watch sport I want to be on the edge of my seat, biting my nails because every second counts. I don’t want to be bored to death over five days.


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