Music of the month – May

As much as I love sport, I don’t want the blog to be over-run with it this month. So I’m going to keep this section as separate as I can from it. I basically don’t want to do what I did last month and make a list of sporting songs (because, oh, there are many!).

Instead, I’m going to suggest my music of the month to be a gig. Muse and Editors, two of my favourite bands. Together at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, which just happens to be one of the best arenas to watch sport in too. September 2010. I remember it, as you might expect, very well.

Ok so Muse are the greatest live band I’ve ever seen. That 2010 gig was my second experience of the Teignmouth trio live, and my first in a stadium. They played what was a pretty damn good set at the time, including some songs I never dreamt I’d see live. At the time, Muse were at the peak of their powers, the peak of their popularity and immense in every sense of the word.

The whole day was a social experience as I met up with some friends early on during the day (including my friend from Liverpool who had to leave early to get a train home – she listened to Knights of Cydonia from the port-a-loos). We sat together, before most of us got separated by the time Muse came on.

Muse started with a mock riot, played selected songs on a mechanical crane that came away from the stage and had many more breath taking effects. Muse are more than just a band to see live, they are an experience. I was pretty much devoid of energy after the fifth song, but somehow kept going.

Despite being almost seven years ago now, that night has stuck with me. Not only is it still the only gig I’ve been able to walk home from, it combined elements which I never thought possible. I still remember walking onto the outfield and being in awe that I was sharing the same space just a few weeks earlier I’d watched England stars play on. And then to think that Muse were there, unquestionably my idols.

So listen to the songs they played that gig, you really will be taken on the best ride of their biggest hits. What did they play? Uprising, Supermassive Black Hole, New Born, Map of the Problematique, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Guiding Light, Interlude + Hysteria, Citizen Erased, Nishe, United States of Eurasia, Feeling Good, Starlight, Time is Running Out, Unnatural Selection, Exogenesis part I, Stockholm Syndrome, Take A Bow, Plug in Baby, Knights of Cydonia.

Yeah, I know, it’s a remarkable set list.


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