7 Sporting Innuendos

  1. Foursomes

As the aim of golf is to hit a ball into a hole with a stick, the sport itself will always appeal to the childish amongst us. Perhaps none more so than the format of foursomes, where two teams of two play with two balls (one per team).


2. Clean and Jerk

Weightlifting has its few moments of fame during the Olympics, where punters laugh at the funny (constipated?) faces the contestants pull while squatting to lift ridiculously heavy weights. This form of weightlifting is called clean and jerk. The other form is called snatch. Their names weren’t picked well.


3. Rim Shot

In basketball, a rim shot is where the ball goes in after circling part of the rim of the hoop first. It also vaguely has something to do with bums.


4. Come out swinging

When a boxer comes out swinging, they are immediately going on the offensive. The term has become embedded, as most sports phrases are now, in everyday life, but it can have a completely different meaning.


5. Sticky wicket

Ah, the good old cricket term for a ground that isn’t easy to play on (damp and soft).


6. Keep your eye on the ball

There are so many sports phrases involving balls that it was difficult to choose just one for this list. I like keep your eye on the ball, as it is used so innocently in so many walks of life.


7. Hooker

In rugby union, the person who generally throws the ball in a lineout, positioned between the two props in the scrum. A cricketer who plays the hook shot a lot is known as a hooker (Alastair Cook is a particularly good hooker). And do I really need to explain the other meaning of the word?


As a final point, since I wrote this article I’ve realised that England’s bowling line-up for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy could well be Willey, Wood, Ball. 


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