June: Festivals

I love festivals. There’s always a great vibe. Good music, good food and sleeping in a small tent without a shower. What’s not to love? Oh and you can’t forget the portaloos!

We went to T in the Park in 2014 and it was some of the greatest days I’ve experienced to date. Yes, I smelt awful, the portaloos ran out of toilet paper pretty quickly, rain was a huge problem on the Saturday and the tent was like a sauna in the morning. However, the music was extraordinary and the experience was something else.

Best moment? Sitting and eating pizza whilst watching Ed Sheeran. That was something I won’t ever forget.

So, music festivals are somewhere where we can forget our worries, enjoy some music and the general atmosphere. But, these are not the only festivals out there and we’re going explore the others too.

So sit back and embrace the world of festivals for a month.



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