7 Things to do after a Festival

We all know waking up on the morning after the final night of a festival is a truly terrible feeling. You have to pack up, probably feeling awful due to lack of sleep, shower, maybe a hangover, and then queue to get out, on your transport mode and all the way home. And then the blues kick in. This is your guide to dealing with said blues.

  1. Have a shower

Let’s be frank here, you smell. Take a shower, don’t allow your friends to get anywhere near you before you get rid of the festival stench. It’ll also help you return to normality.


  1. Go to work, or school, as normal

Seems like strange advice, but it works. You’ll have plenty of colleagues to annoy with your stories about how good it was. People hate gloating, but if you are the gloater, it is your time to shine.


  1. Listen to as much of the music as possible

Honestly, it’ll help you relive it and enjoy it all over again.


  1. Download all the highlights on BBC iPlayer (other services should be available)

Show all your friends where you were in the crowd. Pause it every ten seconds to rub in the fact you got sweaty watching Muse, or threw underwear at Tom Jones. Go on, they’ll love it.


  1. Check whether the best bands from the weekend are playing gigs near you soon

After T in the Park, our next gigs were pretty much all bands we had seen at the festival. You get a different vibe and more songs; usually it is even better than the first time.


  1. Plaster your photos across Facebook.

This continues the gloating theme, but it’s a way of making sure the experience never dies!


  1. Never remove your wristband

Please be one of those wankers who likes to remind everyone they were at Leeds 2001. We don’t hate them, honestly, we don’t.



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