Why I am making a pledge to go to a food festival this summer

I’ve never been to a food festival.

If you know me then you’re probably shocked right now. I’m the biggest food geek you could meet. It’s rare that I’m not thinking about food. Be it what I’m having to eat today or tomorrow or what recipes I want to invent or what pictures I need to take. You get the idea right? I’m a huge foodie.

Yet, I haven’t been to a food festival. It’s pretty shameful really. It’s not like I haven’t wanted to go to one but I’ve never gotten round to it. So, this year I’m making a pledge to go to a food festival.

I’ve tried some of these crackpot schemes before. Summer bucket lists or just general bucket lists. Either I never stick to them as I make them unrealistic or I put things on there that I regret later down the line. For instance, I decided to put “go on a rollercoaster” on my bucket list, went to Alton Towers, went on a few rollercoasters and can safely say I never will again. Never.

As much as I love the idea of the bucket lists, I find them quite restrictive. I change my mind a lot about what I want to do and what I wanted to do last week let alone a year ago is constantly shifting. So, I’m not going to start writing a new bucket list but I am going to say I’m going to go to a food festival.

Why? Because food has always been something I’m interested in even when I never used to consider it as a career. I’ve had various career ideas: hairdresser (too much pressure to cut someone’s hair right), vet (discovered I hate needles), musician (realised I hated music A level), wedding photography (tried it, it’s stressful) and so on. I always end up coming back to food.

So, as well as creating my recipes and photographing them, this summer I’m going to a food festival and I’m going to write about it. Hell, maybe I’ll even go to more than one. My main point in all of this is just do something fun this summer that you want to do. Maybe something you’ve always wanted to do but never got round to.

Watch this space. It’s heading to a food festival soon.


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