Homemade: Piña Coladas


So, the last few weeks have been hectic. Like seriously, I’m completely spent.

First of all, university deadlines consumed my life for a fair few weeks/months and after that I was knackered. So, we went to Wales for a few days and that was lovely! Gareth started working more and I kicked back for a few days before knowing I had to crack down with some other work – I needed a rest to get myself back to normal you see. Plus, it was damn hot here in Nottingham – too hot.

Then, Gareth went and injured his arm. Consequently we’ve spent the last week trawling around walk in centres, GPs and urgent care centres. Examinations, X-rays, painkillers – you name it. It’s been hectic.

To add to this, I have developed a full blown cold. The type where you have a headache, sore throat and blocked nose all at once to the point where if you try to do anything you feel spent of any energy. Eurgh.

In good news, I’m starting to recover finally and Gareth is wearing a sling. Fun times ey?

Anyway, if there’s any time when this drink is needed then it is now. Firstly, because it is great for the hot weather and secondly because I need to wind down after the previous week of hell.

This recipe is easy to say the least. Three ingredients whizzed up in a blender and then it’s good to go. Easy. You’ll feel like a cocktail pro without any complicated crap. FYI it’s vegan too.

Makes 3-4 small glasses

1 pineapple
1 x 400g tin full fat coconut milk
50-100ml white rum (depending on how strong you like it) – I used Bacardi

Chop off the skin and core the pineapple. Chop into chunks. Place in a blender alongside the milk and rum. Blend. Pour into glasses and enjoy.

Store in the fridge – you might want to do this before drinking so it is nice and refreshing.



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