Things We Should Stop Giving A Bad Time

v) Staying Sober at Festivals

I’m far from teetotal.

I once wrote that in a blog post, and my friend, who has very rarely seen me drink, still likes to bring it up and laugh at me for it. But I’m sticking with it, I see myself as far from teetotal. I drink, not as much as people my age, but I drink enough to know my limits etc etc.

One thing I can say, however, is that I have never taken hard drugs. I have no problem with people who do though, as I do understand why some people do it. A lot of my friends have dabbled, or take drugs on a semi-regular basis, and that’s completely ok. At the end of the day, it’s their bodies – and if they’re completely aware of what they’re doing, the risks and everything then who are we to judge them for it? Personally, however, I can’t see myself ever doing it.

Especially at a festival.

Call me old-fashioned but I go to festivals because I either have friends there or because I want to see a fair proportion of the bands that are playing. I would say I am mainly drawn to certain festivals because of the music, but I know that is far from the case for a lot of people.

For them, going to festivals is completely about taking as many drugs as possible, getting as pissed as humanly able and not remembering a single thing. Peeing all over the ground as you cry about leaving a tent you weren’t even aware you were in. I don’t see the appeal in that.

I don’t believe you need alcohol to have a good time, I don’t even believe you need it to stave off boredom. Festivals during the day can get boring, and I appreciate there’s not much to do. It’s just; our society dictates that not having much to do must equal getting pissed rather than finding other things to do. I don’t remember what I used to do during the days at festivals, but I certainly remember the nights.

It’s better than not remembering anything and waking up in a strange tent with an STI-riddled partner you’ll never talk to again, no?

Talking about staying sober is seen as a square thing to do and I’m bordering on snowflake territory, I’m aware. But hey, think of me what you like. I enjoy being in control of my body, but judge no-one if they don’t. I do like going out and getting completely drunk from time to time, I just like the option of having a shower available the next morning.

Of course, if I was at an awful festival, where the weather was dreadful and the bands I wanted to see all failed to show up, hard drugs would be my only viable option.


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