A realistic perspective: music taste

The wonderful thing I find about music is the diversity. Beyond pop music is a whole beautiful world of different genres. Rock, heavy metal, indie, RnB, soul, hip hop, rap, folk, grime, screamo to name a few. There’s so much variety out there to listen to.

I like to dabble in lots of different sorts of music because why not? With so much variety out there it’s great to try bits of everything. I do, however, have a specific music taste I guess. As much as I like a bit of heavier stuff I tend to listen more to calmer, folkier, spiritual stuff. For instance, Bon Iver, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and Ben Howard tend to be my go to choices.

The reason for this? I’m not entirely sure. I think I’m very sensitive to sound. Heavier stuff I can listen to for short periods of time but after a while it’ll make me stressed. I start to feel this anxiety welling up inside me that makes me feel like I’m going to snap. So, I have to stop listening or I end up getting a headache.

I can’t listen to music when trying to concentrate – it distracts me. And that goes for even the calmer stuff. The only time I’ve found when it helps me concentrate is when driving and it has to be a specific type of music for that. I can’t be listening to heavy rock music for instance or I’ll just get stressed. And even if it is the calmer stuff then when I come up to a tricky junction or something then I have to turn it down or even off.

The point of all this? The great thing about us is that we all have different tastes and preferences. And just like food, where some people hate mushrooms but I personally can’t get enough of them, we start to form our own opinions on things.

I’ve heard people call the music I listen to ‘boring’ or ‘bland’. It may be boring to you but to my sensitive ear I can hear everything that’s going on in the song. The crescendo right before the chorus, the almost silent violin part in the background or the subtle key change. See why I get distracted by music? As a musician, I can’t not be distracted by it.

Now, those of you who listen to heavier stuff. Hello! I honestly have nothing against your music taste. I’m not going to tell you it’s not music or some other rubbish. Your taste is yours so appreciate it. I personally can’t listen to it often because of the reasons above. However, all I ask is whilst I don’t judge your taste or put it down that you don’t put mine down. Yes, I can’t listen to screamo music on repeat and possibly my slow, serene music may seem a little dull in comparison but it’s what makes me feel good.

Like with most things, I think we need to start understanding other people’s opinions on things. We often can’t put ourselves in other people’s shoes but maybe music taste is the way to start. Understand why others listen to what they do and maybe that’s the first step to comprehending why people have certain views on things.

Respect is the way forward. We need to respect people’s rights to have a certain taste in something rather than become all snobby about it. Screamo or folk, music is music.


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