July: Technology

Technology. It’s a wide-reaching topic for us to cover. So what encompasses the term? Well, thefreedictionary.com describes it as:

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 16.23.19

Yeah, so that covers just about everything! This laptop I’m typing on is technology, the ice pack I’m using to rest my arm injury is technology, the TV upon which I’m watching football is technology. Some technologies are obvious, others much less so.

But as usual, we aren’t interested in what is technology and what isn’t. We’re a lifestyle blog, therefore we’re looking at how to use technology to search for that all important balance in life. But we’ll branch out and look at whether we prefer older or newer advances in technology, amongst other exciting things.

So sit back and look forward to this month, with our discussions of books, vinyls, sporting technologies, video games and music, and how all of it comes together to provide that aforementioned balance.

My articles will be quite short this month, due to the arm making typing incredibly difficult, so apologies for that in advance. But that doesn’t decrease the quality, and we hope you enjoy this month. It was a fairly difficult one to pull off!


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