Are you modern or are you traditional?

Technology has unquestionably changed our lives in a number of irreversible ways. But is it always a good thing? Do we always leap to using the newest technology or is the old fashioned stuff the best? As an introduction to this month, I thought it helpful to gauge how we feel about certain important inventions. And then, as we are all about interaction here on Lagom Hue, we’d throw the comments section open to your opinions. Do get involved!

I started this and then realised that Emma and I were pretty similar, so to add some (assumed) diversity, we roped in Emma’s mum Suzy to answer the questions.

Books v Kindles:

E: “Books. I like the feel of the pages, I don’t like staring at a screen too long.”

G: “Yeah, books for me too. While I see the appeal of taking a kindle on holiday and the environmental improvement of one, nothing will ever replace that new book smell.”

S: “Books. I like the feel of them.”

Twitter v News websites:

E: “Twitter. I like that you can get real people’s reactions. Go on twitter, search what is trending and you can have automatic responses to everything that is going on. It breaks news quicker than anywhere.”

G: “News websites. No the Daily Fail doesn’t count. And sorry, as good as twitter is for breaking news, it’s usually 90% fake.”

S: “News website. I’m not on twitter.”

Writing a letter, composing an email or texting:

E: “Texting. It’s quicker and easier than both of the others. Emails waste space on my phone and Royal Mail is so useless letters take ages to arrive anywhere.”

G: “Email. I get a rush from composing a really formal email. I know, I’m really sad.”

S: “Texting. It’s easy.”

Video games v board games:

E: “Video games. I love Mario Kart.”

G: “Video. I absolutely love board games, but there’s so much diversity in video games across all the different genres and consoles that I refuse to believe there isn’t something for everyone out there.”

S: “Board games, I’m not very good at video games!”

Steam trains v modern trains:

E: “Modern because a) they are faster and b) could be converted to renewable energy easier. They have the potential to be better.”

G: “Modern. Steam trains are the coolest method of transport we’ve had in human history, but our current trains are just more practical for longer journeys. Having said that, a long journey through beautiful countryside on a steam train would be a dream.”

S: “Steam. More romantic.”

Listening to music on cd, vinyl, iPod or iPhone: 

E: “Vinyl. I prefer the sound.”

G: “iPod. You can’t carry cds and vinyls around with you, and the iPhone is used for too many other things that music just wastes space. The iPod is a perfect alternative.”

S: “CD. I do like vinyl but we don’t use them enough.”

Mobile v landline:

E: “Mobile. Landlines are out dated.”

G: “Mobile. The sound quality is better, you can take it with you and it feels more personal.”

S: “Mobile, you can take it with you and you’ve got it all the time.”

All in all I think that’s an interesting mix of opinions from us three, where do you stand on the issues? Let us know in the comments below!


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