Health and Tech

Tech is part of my day to day life. As a photographer and blogger I can’t really escape it. Even if I wanted to. Camera, laptop, computer, tablet, phone and so on. Everyday. Most likely for the rest of my days.

Now obviously there are so many benefits to this. Mainly, that it makes my day to day so much easier, so much more efficient. I can take photos, edit them and transfer them to social media in minutes. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t drawbacks.

The links of health and technology are nowadays deep rooted. I mean, health itself is benefitted by technology. We all live longer thanks to various pieces of medical equipment that we all take for granted. I’m not talking about this form of technology when discussing health and technology however. I’m talking about the types we access day in day out.

There are often times when I’ve sat behind a computer all day trying to finish my work. I usually end up feeling drained and my back/neck ache from being hunched in front of the screen. If I look at my phone too close to when I go to bed I end up not sleeping as well as I could. The phone screen also tends to blind me in the morning. I end up slobbing on the sofa in front of the TV in the evenings instead of actually moving around and doing something productive. And I’m not the only one this all affects.

It’s no wonder childhood (and adult in fact) obesity is going up in this country. We spend so much of our lives sitting in front of technology instead of actually doing something fun or productive.

Recently, I went to Wales with Gareth and my parents. We ate up the table every meal time. This is usually time we spend in front of the TV watching something. But my god it felt good to actually spend the time talking, interacting, not staring at a screen. And then we’d play a game or go on the swing outside (the swing was pretty amazing where we were staying).

I’m personally going to try and cut technology a bit more from my life so it’s not all consuming whilst keeping the benefits. I feel as though there’s a perfect balance that we all need to try and strike. A mix of technology and no technology. It’s a balance I’m going to try and figure out and if I can do it then anyone can.


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