Football Manager vs FIFA

When planning this month, I wasn’t sure what article I wanted to write for my last one. I quite liked the idea of doing a comparison between modern and traditional technologies, I wanted to explore my opinions on video replays during live sporting events (and I even surprised myself with the outcome) and my regulars were easily decided. I was completely stuck for my last post. Completely, truly and utterly.

I was thinking about technology and what areas of technology I use. Mobiles, done, music, done, sports, done, cooking, done. I hit a wall, an idea bloc if you like. So I did the thing I always did and went to play on Football Manager. I then had a quick game of FIFA (it was quick because this was at the very start of my arm problems – in hindsight, I shouldn’t have played FIFA).

And then I thought, let’s write an article about which football video game I prefer.

And then I thought, what an awful idea for an article.

But yet here we are, that is my title and is still the best idea I’ve had.

So which do I prefer, FM or FIFA? Well, lets start with the differences between them. In FIFA you are the players, directly impacting the results of the match through actually playing the games. Passing from one player to the next, choosing where to shoot, or when to tackle. In FM you are the manager, you pick the team, choose the tactics and hope they do well. If there’s a red card in FIFA, you’ve made a poorly judged tackle, if there is in FM chances are your tactics are wrong, or, more likely, it’s just bad luck.

FIFA is hands-on, FM is skill from the sidelines.

The worker, or the manager.

Which are you? Are you someone who likes to get their hands dirty, and give your all while trying to help the team achieve their absolute best or do you prefer to watch from the sidelines and shout out instructions, choose where to put certain people and are willing to take all the blame for poor results?

The reality is, at least from my experiences, everyone is a mix of the two. I think we all have an element of desire to control within us, but at the same time we want to do the work ourselves for a sense of achievement.

I play FM more than I play FIFA, out of convenience more than anything, but I’ve grown to love it. Maybe this suggests I have more of a managerial personality, or maybe it’s simply a stupid video game I play too much to pass time and come up with ideas for mediocre articles you’ve wasted time reading.


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