A realistic perspective: what others think

Social media. I don’t know about you but I’m on it practically every day. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted but if I’m bored or procrastinating then I’ll admit I’ll end up browsing my feeds on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

In some ways, we’re in a golden age. Older generations think we’re mental. Why do you want to spend your lives attached to a screen? I agree with them to an extent. I like to keep my distance from technology consuming my life but at the same time technology is brilliant. I have all the information I need in my hands. The possibilities are endless.

I have mixed feelings about social media. There are days when I want to pack it all in. There are days when I love it.

I love a good meme. A good gif. A good buzzfeed article. (Personal

(Personal favourite has to be any involving Theresa May and her fields of wheat)

But I hate the arguments, the petty attention seeking statuses, the slut shaming and so on. I also hate it when people post endless selfies or incessant updates on their life in order to show people how wonderful their life actually is.

Life isn’t perfect. As a food/lifestyle blogger, I feel like it’s my place to say that no one’s life is that good. There’s little point using social media to make yourself feel as if your life is great. The amount of likes you get doesn’t reflect happiness. And chances are you’re just making yourself unhappy because you’re becoming obsessive over your social media personality. You need to be perfect.

You start lying. Oh the holiday is going great is it? The reality is you’ve probably had a raging argument with your other half over something stupid but now you’ve made up and taken a selfie ‘sight seeing’. Or you take a picture of your healthy salad but leave the pile of chocolate bars out of the frame.

Who cares what other people think? You do you. Forget the fake social media personality and become a bit more human. We all have arguments, we all have bad days and we all have times when we envy someone else on social media because they make their life seem perfect.


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