7 British tourists

It’s said that the Brits are the most hated tourists. When you see this list, maybe we’ll begin to understand why. I’m sure you’ll recognise your own traits amongst this, I know I did!

1. The party lot

Usually found in: Magaluf

The young generation who spend way too much money on drink and sex, and think they’ve had the greatest holiday ever when they come back with no money and only the clothes they are wearing.

2. The Brexiteers

Usually wearing: England football shirt from the 90s

Wherever the ex-pats go, this lot usually follow. They drink a lot of beer, never wear sunscreen, are usually too fat for their clothes and always boast about Britain’s greatness.

3. The gap yearers

Usually seen with: a massive backpack

These guys and girls have no idea what to do with their life so they head from exotic country to exotic country “travelling”, staying in hostels and trying their best to sample the local culture. They stick out like a sore thumb.

4. The helpers

Usually visiting: Africa

Building schools for children, protecting Elephants, aiding nurses. These lot take their British knowledge and press it upon poorer societies. In a way similar to the gap yearers, just with slightly more purpose.

5. The map readers

Usually found next to: some historic monument

For them, going abroad is all about seeing things you can’t in Britain. Constantly checking the map, reading the guidebooks from cover to cover, probably doing the open top bus tour, these people like to immerse themselves fully in the holiday. Their grasp of the language is usually better than most.

6. The pool hoggers

Usual morning routine: sending the youngest down to place towels on the best sun lounger

These people pay hundreds of pounds to stay in fancy (or not so) resorts only to sit by the pool each and every day. If you looked at them, you’d assume they spent all their money on the accommodation and forgot to buy sunscreen.

7. The explorers

Usually: the best prepared

Like the gap yearers, they tend to carry backpacks. The difference is the explorers’ contains tents, bite repellent, walking boots and other equipment whereas the former just have condoms. The explorers always wear sun hats and carry walking sticks but tend to know very little culture. They’re more interested in fauna.


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