Beach Body Ready

Are you beach body ready? Are you toned to perfection? Do you have that beautifully sculpted six pack with dazzling bronzed smooth skin?

This year you’ve got it down. You’ve been on the Pioppi diet. You’ve cut the carbs, detoxed your body of all those toxins (maybe even scraped your tongue to make sure?), upped the fat and cut the refined sugar. No more processed junk food for you. No, you’ve cut pizza completely from your diet because that’s what the Italians would do…

You’re down to a size 8 or maybe even a size 6. Gym everyday: you’ve hashtagged #strongnotskinny to the 10th degree. Weight training. Treadmills. Crosstrainers. Spinning. Maybe even dabbled in a yoga class.

You went bikini shopping the other day and you still felt fat. Yes, you’ve got the flat stomach, the defined abs, the perfectly fake tanned skin but you still feel fat. You don’t quite reach the “I’m ready to be featured in a beauty magazine” look.

Cleanse. Gym. Hashtag. Repeat.

One week until you go on holiday. You’ve started to go to the gym three times a day instead of two. You’re now trying the 5:2 diet because eating more than 500 calories feels excessive. Eating is overrated. Now you can feel high and mighty because you eat clean whilst the rest of the population eats all these toxic, acidic foods.

No, you’re the definition of health. The epitome of the human race. The ones we all strive to imitate. To become.

You’re on the beach. Surrounded by like minded people. The beautiful people. But there’s one girl on the beach. She must be a size 12? Eurgh, what’s her problem? Look at that cellulite, that little bit of fat on her stomach, that pale skin and that slight double chin when she looks down. Why does she seem so happy? She’s a walking heart attack in your opinion. She can’t be healthy like you.

She’s not starving herself. She’s not following a diet. She’s not going to the gym everyday. She’s not judging others for not following their regime. She’s happy and healthy.

But nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right?


Not having an unhealthy obsession with dieting and exercise feels the best.


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