A realistic perspective: feeling guilty on holiday

So you’re on holiday. It’s hot, sunny and you’re loving it. You’ve finally begun feeling relaxed after the last few hectic weeks/months.

But wait. Didn’t you just eat an ice cream?? Haven’t you started breaking away from your strict diet regime just because you’re on holiday? But what if you gain a stone in holiday weight? What will everyone think?

Stop right there. You’re talking bullshit.

So many of us in this country and so many other countries across the world have an unhealthy relationship with food. We diet, we cleanse, we detox, we starve ourselves for the perfect beach body just for us to feel guilty for blowing it whilst actually sitting on that beach with all the other sparkling, bronzed, beautiful, skinny humans. All because we’ve eaten an ice cream.

Hey I’m no expert in nutrition and I’m not about to give you advice in how to lose weight or eat healthily or “get the glow”. I’m not that type of food blogger. However, I will wholeheartedly say that you should stop feeling guilty.

Firstly, if you eat one ice cream you’re not about to get fat. It doesn’t work like that. Secondly, who cares? There’s an obsession in this society about being “healthy”, eating “healthily” and exercising to be “healthy”. We get it so so wrong. The Kate Moss quote “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” has become fully integrated into our society even if we haven’t consciously realised it.

We put labels on food. Good vs. Bad. Clean vs. Dirty. Healthy vs. Unhealthy. Once we start doing that guilt quickly follows. That guilt quickly escalates into us permanently feeling bad if we eat something that would prevent us from that skinny goal.

Okay, I’ll admit that ice cream isn’t something we should be eating everyday in excessive amounts because that would lead us down the road of obesity and a whole host of health problems. However, you’re on holiday for what? A week? Why can’t you eat ice cream for everyday whilst you’re there? Because guess what? Being healthy is more than being skinny. Mental health is often overlooked. We seem to believe if we’re physically fit, if we’re looking our best or if we’re eating the most controlled ‘healthy’ diet that we’re going to be happy. It doesn’t work like that.

I believe in balance. Yes, we shouldn’t be eating excessive amounts of ice cream, pizza, crisps or chocolate everyday but then we shouldn’t be eating excessive amounts of anything everyday. You can get ill by eating anything in excess. You can get ill by drinking too much water for christ’s sake. We should not only strive to be physically healthy but also mentally healthy. If that means having some ice cream then knock yourself out.

So stop feeling guilty about that one ice cream. Stop feeling guilty for that pizza. Stop it.


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