Why creative degrees are overlooked

Why do we live in a country where creativity isn’t truly appreciated? It’s typical Britain isn’t it? Practicality, practicality, practicality. We must go to a Russell Group university to study a degree that will lead us to a good job at the end of it. Or in other words, we should study something like medicine and become a respected member of the community.

As I’m someone who studies photography at university I have experienced a fair amount of prejudice about my degree. A few highlights include being asked if I was just going to be taking pretty pictures for three years, being told my job isn’t as important as other people’s and of course being told it’s not a proper degree. Honestly, it’s funny being made out to be the dumb one for studying a creative course whilst in reality ignorant comments like that can’t come from someone with a particularly large IQ.

We have it so wrong in society to think that someone’s degree or job is worth less than someone else’s. Okay, so you may be studying medicine and will become a qualified doctor but that doesn’t mean you have a more important job than me. You need a whole range of jobs for society to work and the creative ones fit right in there.

Photographers, artists, musicians, designers, writers and many others are so important in our society. You wouldn’t have any sort of joy or fun if we all decided to go down the route of core or “STEM” subjects. So do you really want a life where we all end up finding the cure for cancer and how we can live forever but where we don’t have music or any form of entertainment we can enjoy? Yeah no thanks. Life is about living and enjoying ourselves. We can’t do that without creativity. As much as we can’t do without people also learning the STEM subjects. As per usual, we need to strike a balance.

So, it’s about time we gave people studying creative degrees some slack. We work just as hard as you. We will have just as important jobs as you. And ultimately, you need us as much as we need you.


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