Nature vs. Science

I’m not saying that nature and science are necessarily rivals. However, I’ve often seen them pitted against each other. But in actual fact, they are incredibly interlinked. Science tries to explain the natural world around us and it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend.

Yet, we can only know what we already know.

Confused? I was the first time I heard that but it actually makes a lot of sense in the end. It’s like aliens, we always imagine little green mutant things with eyes, nose, hands etc. However, seeing as none of us have actually met an alien (or at least I don’t think anyone has?) then who’s to say aliens have all those features. We end up making them human like because that’s all we know. Aliens could have many features which we have never set our eyes upon before but we can’t imagine that because we can’t know what we don’t already know.

Another example is within religion or to be more specific God. When people try to draw God (this is only some religions of course – in Islam, God and Muhammad must not be drawn) they often come up with a old bearded man sitting on a cloud. Ridiculous huh? If there is a God then I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have human like features or even be a “he” at all. God would be completely beyond our understanding.

Now, I know I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here. The problem is science and nature are often set against each other due to lack of understanding. Nature is complicated and science tries to figure that out but people can’t accept the outcome.

Take the world of food, what is the healthiest diet we could eat? God knows. Science is continually trying to answer that question and is often changing its mind. In one second fat is the worst thing you could possibly eat and then the next minute you should be eating more of it. This causes a lot of people to start doubting the science world and then there’s the backlash against it. Then the desire to connect back to nature begins.

Don’t get me wrong, I love nature but science should play a massive part in our society. Without science we would never develop. I wouldn’t be writing this right now because there would be no technology and no internet. So, the idea that nature is what we should be seeking to return to is flawed. Diets such as Paleo or Clean Eating which try to connect us back to nature are based on flawed understanding. To dismiss what science has taught us is like saying the earth is flat. Yes science can get it wrong sometimes but the point is it is constantly developing and to dismiss it completely is narrow minded.

The issue is people can’t accept the truth most of the time. We can only know what we already know meaning it’s difficult for us to sometimes accept what science shows us. Our culture has taught us nature is good because it’s “natural” whilst science is man made and “unnatural”. This cultural teaching becomes ingrained in our way of thinking. On packaging for beauty products we often see they contain “natural” ingredients which immediately makes us want to buy them because we think there are no horrible chemicals in them.

But everything is made up of chemicals. That’s what science has shown us. Simply labelling something as “natural” or “unprocessed” means barely anything. The human race has been around long enough for what we see as natural to be not natural at all. Crops for food have been cultivated for years, different breeds of animals have bred to be a certain way to benefit us and so on. Nature has been shaped by us for thousands of years. So nature isn’t actual natural at all. It’s man made.

Science is nature. Nature is science. Stop making the two fight and see we need both to benefit.


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