Waste Not Want Not

Environmental issues are very important to me. I don’t like to preach about it because I don’t really like to preach about anything. People need to form their own opinions and they are entitled to them. They don’t need me preaching at them about mine.

However, one thing that will really rile me is when people say climate change is a myth. Honestly I am no expert but I’d rather not take the risk with destroying the planet. I hate it when certain humans seem to think they’re the most important things in existence. We are just an animal on one planet in a universe of millions upon millions of planets. We are hardly significant. We seem to think we’re intelligent but that doesn’t make us better than anything else.

I also detest when people say animals don’t have a soul. I don’t believe in souls but we are in fact animals so what makes us better?

Nothing. Nothing makes us better. Sometimes I believe we’re worse. We seem to think we can destroy the planet not just for us but for everything else that lives here.

I think we need to take a step into the future. Less waste.

We waste so much each year. Food waste, pointless plastic packaging, bags and so on. Maybe it’s time we try to make a change. Even if it’s something little like bringing your own bags when shopping.

I would love to go zero waste but it’s impossible. There’s just no way we can not waste anything whatsoever. I mean I know some people get genuinely close to it. And that’s something I aspire to and will work towards. Small steps at a time.

Just a thought anyway. I think it’s time we put a little thought into the world around us.


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