A realistic perspective: snobbery.

Ever experienced someone judging you for your music taste? Or the movies you like? Or even the books you read?

I’ve had it all the time. People just can’t get to terms with the fact that you like different things to them. That maybe just maybe everyone is different and not going to have the same music/film/book/whatever else taste.

Personally, I’ve heard a few too many times that the music I listen to is dull and boring. I also have the tendency to watch crappy, cheesy romantic comedies from time to time. Okay, they aren’t my favourite films (enter Jurassic Park series + Marvel) but I am not ashamed of watching them. I don’t like the phrase “guilty pleasure” because I don’t really feel guilty about liking them. And nor should I.

Taste is a personal thing. We are all different and that’s wonderful. Why I don’t like heavy metal music you might. While most classical music isn’t my thing you might love it. I don’t look down my nose at anyone who has a different taste to me. Hell, it’s a good thing. It would be boring if everyone was obsessed with dinosaurs, Jurassic Park and Jeff Goldblum. I would be concerned if that was the case.

So, stop with the snobbery. Stop with feeling guilty about liking something. Enjoy yourself.


One thought on “A realistic perspective: snobbery.

  1. I absolutely agree. I find people label something they enjoy a “guilty pleasure” as a kind of scapegoat. If you call it that, you get out of any kind of harassment people may throw your way for liking that specific thing because it is for some reason it justifies your liking it. It is ridiculous. And honestly, I believe everyone has at least one romantic comedy that they secretly kind-of like. Whether they decide to call it a guilty pleasure or not is up to them, but we should all be free to express interest in things we like without fear of judgement.

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