The Art Of Crappy Christmas Films

Now, I know at Christmas we all love a bit of Elf or Love Actually or maybe Miracle on 34th Street. But I do have a love for Christmas films that are absolutely dreadful. I’m not kidding here. Imagine the cheesiest, crappiest, most cringeworthy Christmas movie.

Has anyone here ever watched Christmas 24? It’s a movie channel based around, you guessed it, Christmas films. Unfortunately it’s actually not on 24/7 so their title actually lies but oh well. The joy of it is that it’s (almost) non stop dreadful Christmas movies. Absolutely dreadful.

I would say binging on it is a guilty pleasure but I’m not guilty about it. Why? Because it’s fun. I do have a thing for crap films. For instance, dreadful horror films are something I love. They try to scare you but they just end up being hilarious. The Christmas genre is no different in a way. The beauty about both is they’re predictable and they are trying not to be. For example, each Christmas movie will start will a woman and a man hating each other and then by the end of it they’re in love. And the brilliance about this predictability is that it becomes comical. The films are so so bad that they’re actually hilarious to watch.

I’m never sure whether the people who write and direct these films are just having a laugh or are trying to be serious. However, what they create are the greatest parodies to decent Christmas films ever. A lot of Christmas films do have a plot surrounding two people falling in love, however, they actually pull it off in a manner that’s not overly cheesy or cringeworthy (although they do tend to be a bit cheesy – it’s Christmas after all!). But, these crappy Christmas films just are the ultimate parody of this narrative.

Yes, they’re awful, you may well hate them and you’ll probably want to throw up a few times because of the cheese levels. But, they’re hilarious.


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