7 Best Christmas Decorations

Every house is full of many dark corners. Full of cobwebs and dust, and usually the ones that the little kids are scared of, these corners contain many secrets. And boxes. Lots and lots of storage boxes (particularly the corners existing in the attic). These storage boxes contain many items, among them the Christmas decorations. They make their way into the living room for a few glorious weeks towards the end of December and we marvel as we pick them out, remembering the nice, the sentimental and the sheer tat of what we put on the tree and around the house.

  1. Emma’s Pink Dinosaur

The last remaining soul on the £1 decorations shelf at Tiger, Tree-Rex has already fashioned a place for herself amongst all of our decorations. She’s pink, she’s fabulous and she’s everything that both of us are about.


  1. Santa and Mrs Claus Mugs

Because who doesn’t love his and her mugs? Personally, I don’t. But I can make an exception for these wonderful embodiments of our favourite Christmas characters. Thanks Mum, these were a great stocking filler!


  1. Angel Cat

This has been in Emma’s possession for years and years, and the wear and tear is becoming more obvious – it didn’t always fly with only one wing! This is Emma’s favourite decoration because for her, it’s the one that’s always been there – a true reminder of the childhood sprit of Christmas.


  1. Scarved Cats

A 2017 Christmas gift from Mike and Suzy, these cute furry balls of fluff will sure become a staple in our attic boxes. Being handmade, they have the advantage of feeling more unique than usual shop-bought decorations.


  1. Robin (and the nest)

The Christmas tree shop last year was an eventful one. Emma liked a stumpy fir so much she started carrying it around with her. Mike wasn’t sold at first, and so found another one he liked. As both were deformed, we got them both for a bargain. When paying, Suzy found this Robin she loved, and it spent last year in a nest on top of one of the trees. This year, it takes pride and place of our dinner table.


  1. Our brand new Christmas tree

Another 2017 present (we had an early Christmas on Saturday – and now I’m utterly convinced Christmas has been and gone which is a weird sensation), this is a live tree which will grow over the years. It’s exciting because it’s ours to keep and look after and it’s something that my family did for many years when I was growing up so brings back fond memories.


  1. The outside lights

My first Christmas with the Stills was my first year in employment. I spent a lot of the cold December nights walking back down the lane, and the darkness meant a torch was required. At least until the lights from the tree on our drive took effect! They were a nice reminder of the spirit I was returning to.


The problem with this house is there are so many decorations; it’s impossible to narrow it down to just seven, so there are many we’ve missed out. But we both agree on one thing, this monstrosity was never ever going to make it. Suzy, your oldies need to give better presents!



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