Lagom Hue. What does it mean? Effectively it is just two random words put together but to us it has a clear meaning. Lagom (pronounced Lar-gomme) is a Swedish word which has no direct meaning in English. In essence it means ‘just right’. For example, if the weather is just right then it’s lagom or if you’ve balanced your life perfectly (work/play) it’s lagom. Hue is a term in photography – it’s a colour or a shade. If you play around with hues when editing a photograph it can extremely change the colours of an image. Collectively, Lagom Hue is about balance. We need this ‘just right’ balance in everything we do, including when editing hues in a photograph.

The key word with this blog is of course balance. Finding that ‘just right’ balance in our lives is important for our health and general enjoyment of life. It’s about living in a flexible way without constricting ourselves to stupid rules and regimes. It’s about doing the work we need do but also finding enough time to enjoy ourselves. It’s about living within our means and not stressing about trying to afford superfoods or gym memberships. It’s about living the best life we can.

Lagom Hue is a food/lifestyle blog which we’ve created in order to show how balance and moderation is key to happiness. It’s not a blog in which we tell you what to eat and how much you need to spend. It’s simply guidance because ultimately everyone is different and likes different things. The issue with most health blogs is they give out unrealistic advice in order for us to be happy. Hopefully, with Lagom Hue this is not the case.

Who are we?

We are Emma and Gareth and this a little bit about us both:




I’m Emma. I’m a massive foodie who’s been vegetarian for around six years now. I love trying new foods, creating new meals and just cooking in general I guess. I literally spend my spare time reading cookbooks from cover to cover. My relationship with food is complicated for sure but a few years ago I found I had high blood pressure and needed to make a change. Long story short, I’m four stone lighter and I love my diet. I am also a lover of pyjamas, chamomile tea, candles, anything dinosaur or pokemon based, photography, music, open plan houses, Scandinavian design, kitchenware, yoga and meditation. I’m currently studying photography at Nottingham Trent University. I’m an easy going, quiet person and I put balance at the centre of my life.

Favourite/Worst food? Pizza/Celery

Favourite/Worst drink? Chamomile tea/Coca Cola

Favourite/Worst exercise? Swimming or yoga/The gym

Favourite/Worst place? Carbis Bay/Old School

Favourite/Worst film? Jurassic Park/World or Tangled/Fantastic Four (the newest one)

Role models? Green Kitchen and Anna Jones

Hobbies? Cooking, playing guitar/piano, reading

Pet peeves? People not replying to texts or one word answers

Favourite/worst daily activities? Cooking/Printing off things (printers hate me)

Desert island discs?
Songs: Stubborn Love – The Lumineers, Holocene – Bon Iver, Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley,
Bones – Ben Howard, Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club, Bulldozer – Cold War Kids, Spanish Radio – Biffy Clyro, All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers. (check out spotify playlist here)
Book: The Green Kitchen collection (including new ones they release).
Luxury: Solar powered blender.

Favourite quote: Everything that happens is from now on – Bon Iver, Re:Stacks.




Emma’s asked me to talk about myself. It’s a difficult task, especially when considering the regards to balance this blog focuses on. Before I met Emma, I was nervous, unable to move from my comfort zone, uncomfortable in most situations and unwilling to do anything which involved any kind of effort. My life wasn’t balanced. Together, we’ve found a way to move past our insecurities and reach a healthy and happy life, forged upon our own solid foundation. Without this new found balance, I would never have completed my Sports Journalism Masters at the University of Lincoln. When I’m not continuing Emma’s Pokemon education, or boring her with useless sporting facts, I’m searching the jobsphere in hunt of my permanent career.

Favourite/Worst food? Pizza/Peanut butter

Favourite/Worst drink? Water/Dr Pepper

Favourite/Worst exercise? Running/The gym

Favourite/Worst place? Home/Birmingham

Favourite/Worst film? Inception/Robin Hood(2010)

Role models? Andy Murray and Ash Ketchum

Hobbies? Needlessly searching for things on the internet which I’ll never remember

Pet peeves? Putting a ‘the’ in front band names which don’t have one (eg. Editors)

Favourite/Worst daily activities? Reading at night/research

Desert island discs?
Songs: Ruled by Secrecy – Muse, Somewhere Only We Know – Keane, Outsiders – Franz Ferdinand, Glitter and Trauma – Biffy Clyro, Get Better – Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Witchcraft – Pendulum, What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club, Tuxedos – Cold War Kids (check out spotify playlist here).
Book: The Old Kingdom books by Garth Nix (including new ones).
Luxury: Playstation with games and complete Marvel Cinematic Universe on bluray.

Favourite quote: I believe in the future. It is wonderful because it stands on what has been achieved – Public Service Broadcasting, Korolev.


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